Advanced functionality for Creo Parametric

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Course overview

This training will give the student a good overview of the power of Creo when it comes to creating more complex geometries. The training covers both solid and surface modelling techniques and highlights the flexibility of Creo when it comes to combining the two.

This course covers the majority of the topics needed for modeling complex geometries using both solids and surfaces. It focuses on creating advanced part features and has little or no content related to assemblies.

98% of the functionality covered can be done using the basic license of Creo.

The course is a combination of the trainings “Surfacing using Creo Parametric” and “Advanced Modeling using Creo”, which have a substantial overlap. The content is the most relevant topics from those trainings.

Course information:

CAD system: Creo Parametric
Teaching language: Danish
Teaching material: English
Prerequisities: The students must have completed an introductory training in Creo Parametric. We recommend getting proficient with the topics covered in the introductory training for some time before taking this training.
Duration: 3 days
Price: 14.700 DKK pr. person.

Audience: It is the natural successor to introductory trainings for people needing to do part modelling.

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Course objectives:

  • check Advanced Selection techniques.
  • check Advanced variations of basic features such as:
  • check Datum Features.
  • check Sketches.
  • check Drafts and Ribs.
  • check Rounds and Chamfers.
  • check Shells.
  • check Advanced tools and features.
  • check Blends
  • check Helical Sweeps.
  • check Variable Section Sweeps.
  • check Boundary Blend Surfaces.
  • check Manipulating Surfaces.
  • check Surface Analysis.
  • check Creating and editing solids using Surface Quilts.
  • check Copy, Re-use and Advanced Patterns.

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